2023 Web Pass

California Bankers Association Web Pass In Partnership With BankerCollege

With a CBA web pass your bank employees have unlimited access, for the calendar year, to 400+ annual BankerCollege webinars, multi-part boot camps, live streaming conferences and much more. Along with recorded playbacks, the web pass provides members with significant savings to on-demand certifications covering regulations, cannabis, compliance, accounting, lending, payments, strategy, retail and commercial banking, and operations, to name a few. This partnership expands on-demand and live webinar offerings and provides significant discounts for opportunities.

Your 2023 CBA Web Pass entitles you to:

➜ Unlimited access to all scheduled webinars, 2-part series, and 3-part bootcamps

➜ Unlimited access to Playbacks for all scheduled events

➜ Any On-Demand Certification for $495, regardless of published price or size

➜ Direct access to BankerCollege support staff for questions, ideas, or feedback

$ 1,995